Sharing a Room

Kate and Joseph have shared a room ever since he was born. Conventional wisdom would suggest that Joseph should be sharing with Jake (our oldest boy), but the reality is that knowing Jake and Kate’s personalities, Kate is the one who most enjoys having a roommate. The only problem has been that Kate’s room is “bubble gum” pink, and we really did want Joseph to feel like he could have his masculinity expressed in the room too–he likes Superman and Sports. So this weekend I painted half the room blue–along with my 3 helpers!

Pretty cheap solution since I had already bought the letters to his name at Wal-Mart back when he was born. I had never put them up–just always seemed wrong to put the name JOSEPH up on a pink wall! We all love the result! Joseph especially! And Kate has been so happy for Joseph. Despite being a girly girl, she was super excited about Joseph turning half of her feminine room into boy territory ūüôā

Here are some pictures of their room from 3 different angles:Image




Kate got her ears pierced today.¬†I’ve been looking forward to when she would be ready to do it, because she is such a girly girl that I knew she would love being able to wear earrings. She and I went to¬†Claire’s in Maple Grove to have it done, and then had tea at Teavanna. She was so brave and so excited! She did great!


Update On Kate

For Kate's 6th Birthday in January, she had a tea party and then went with Mommy and her friend Audrey to see a play

In light of the fact that I have not blogged since Jake’s birthday, I hesitate to give an information overload by including everything that has happened in the last 6 months. So I have decided to just do an update on Kate, as she has had a birthday and a few other milestones.

She lost her first tooth in April


Last week Kate's Kindergarten class had a cultural celebration. They had been working on crafts and songs to share. Kate is in the middle of this picture wearing a vest and necklace that she made.


Kate's first dance recital was last night. She did tap and ballet and did a great job! It was so fun!

For Jake’s birthday party we had plans to go to The Works Museum, which has exhibits on science and engineering, but we woke up to about 3 inches of snow with more to come! So we changed plans and had a fun birthday party in the snow!

Joseph started out his day with some fun balloons.

Then he opened gifts from his grandparents.

He had a day full of walking (he stopped crawling just this week!)

We had a little party for him, complete with monkey cupcakes :0)

Joseph REALLY liked his cupcake!

Happy first birthday Jo Jo!



Kate was Mary Ingalls, Jake was Indiana Jones, and their friends were Cleopatra and Pharoah. The kids had a great time and it was a perfect night for Trick or Treating! (I think if you click on the picture, you can see it bigger)

Joseph enjoyed carving pumpkins the night before. He mainly just watched, but we did have to get a few pumpkin seeds out of his mouth!